"...the written word of the Academic tends to be exalted as the only ‘sign’ of the Academician’s academic worth. (...) Because of this, alternate means of transferring bodies of knowledge have been rent less-than, and literacy literally means or determines one’s access to particular bodies of knowledge. It’s usually those bodies of knowledge that lay the politics of domination bare."

So I paint in words & speak in pictures. Welcome.
Oh...don't let my sassiness upset you.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Go to www.collateralmurder.com right now. 
No bullshee.

This is something else. But who's surprised?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Russell Simmons Not In Favor Of Jay-Z & AEG Casino Partnership; Starts New Comedy Venture

Russell Simmons Not In Favor Of Jay-Z & AEG Casino Partnership; Starts New Comedy Venture
(via Hip Hop Wired)

But wait:

I'm uncomfortable. And these profits will go towards...?
And what "the people" are we talking about...exactly?


Thursday, February 18, 2010

ACLU Calls on U.N. Human Rights Official to Stop Teen's Torture in Montana Prison

:::::ACLU Calls on U.N. Human Rights Official to Stop Teen's Torture in Montana Prison :::::

This situation is entirely, ENTIRELY out of hand. The link above is the full letter from the ACLU to the U.N.

A young man who has been tagged "Robert Doe" is going through HELL in solitary. Half of Robert's time in prison--since the age of 16--has been spent in isolation. According to the ACLU's letter, Robert has a documented history of childhood physical and mental abuse, has been diagnosed with more than one mental illness including PTSD, and yet has been repeatedly deprived of appropriate mental health treatment. INSTEAD, Robert has been Tasered, pepper sprayed, stripped and further animalized.

Robert has tried to commit suicide twice, and I ask you:


Here is American TORTURE at its finest!

Here are the politics of the prison industrial complex laid bare! I don't know what color this child is, and gottabehonest, I don't care. This is what's happening, folks.

Truth is more heinous than fiction. A baby. This is how America raises her babies.

Nicki Minaj and Hip-Hop's Lesbian Quarantine: The Threesome

Nicki Minaj and Hip-Hop's Lesbian Quarantine: The Threesome


Got this from The Sexist via Washington City Paper.

That Bitch Magazine touched Minaj at all is actually more of a shocker for me than anything. (You'll see the reference to another Nicki--who penned the Bitch article--a few paragraphs in.)

I'm a Nicki Minaj fan. I'm not necessarily a good one, with a Barb card and all. I don't know all of her songs or own all of her mixtapes. But one of the draws for me had been exactly what's under discussion over on Champlain St.

I am aware of how males in the industry give her the touche for commanding 'tig ol' bitty' pics quicker than any dude. (See Twitter.) And I think it's an--albeit amusing--but tried and true exercise in futility to attempt pinning her persona down to an exact location within the crossfire of sexual politics and hip hop culture.

We've grown so accustomed to bashing the oral dimension of the medium--especially within the last decade--that it's difficult to speak of it from anything other than a reactionary stance as a 'feminist-type'.

Rather than reinforce hip hop as a male sphere, the two songs referenced actually function as evidence of not only Minaj's lyrical chantdown of Victorian norms, but hip hop's resistance to the same. This is her game, too.

In other words, Usher could be indulging fantasies of 'lipstick lesbianism'. Gucci could be indulging fantasies created by the patriarchal imagination, but at the end of the day they both have Minaj on the song screwing with all gender theories on all fronts confusing all interest groups--straight, Ally, SGL, LGBTTSQ, hip hop heads, sexist dudes, not sexist dudes... (See Bitch.)

This may be because I think I'm grown now, but I think I kinda like the confusion she's causing.

Good job. Carry on.

Would like to see more of this Minaj en comparable rotation, though:

Friday, February 5, 2010

#OMGfacts: Lil Wayne's Final Words on #NOLA & #Haiti

Lil Wayne Has Love For Haiti, But What About New Orleans?
(via Global Grind)

Weezy states ThingsThatAreJustTrue.com.

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AlterNet calls it Flour Power: the Tea Party Movement

But it's deeper than resentment.

I've been tweeting dates in American history that'll likely only see the light of day in a month like the one we're in right now. (That is: Chris Matthews fave and mine, "Oh!-I-Just-Remembered-You-Were-Black! Month)

But without a doubt, current events are pointing to major, sweeping revolution--as in the not so 11/4/08-celebratory kind. As Black Codes and Jim Crow (are) were to Reconstruction, so I truly, seriously, honestly believe our present political and social situation are about to erupt in further mobilization of those who had heretofore been pushed to the fringes of the U.S. nation-state's extremism.


I just don't know.

The Tea Party doesn't seem to be particularly organized or well centered--but that's actually a greater cause for concern than it is for disregard, in my opinion. And to make matters even more interesting, Rev. O'Reilly and Brother Beck are cranking out revival shoutdowns across the country. (Sidebar: If Black churches and theatres get to be tagged the 'chitlin' circuit', O'Reilly & Beck's circus act would constitute a working of what circuit?)

I predict Strange Fruit to be the no. 1 best-seller on iTunes by tomorrow.
Happy New Year!