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Monday, December 7, 2009

Apocalypse Now…No! Wait!…not yeeeeet NOW

first appeared on moretanthanmost.today.com 6/23/2008

So this has been circulating in the blogosphere following remarks Sunday morning that President Bush will indeed finish the Warmongers’ Trifecta he set out to accomplish after the [florida recount] 9/11. At this point you may think I’m a Fox News stalker, but really–wait, no. maybe I am. BUT I’ll lay off after this post (unless, of course, something even better whets my palate)!

“i want the special–yeah with ahmadinejad. might as well give me an africom while we’re at it. yeah–oh, and dickie wants the one that comes with the m-16…no, not the toy one…”

Bill Kristol, editor at the Weekly Standard suggested that should the White House turn blue after November 4th, President Bush will, likely, drop bombs over the [U.S.] Tehran himself - a move many don’t anticipate coming from a President Obama. (Cuz diplomacy is fo’ suckas!! We amurrrrrrikaaa, snitches!!) Meanwhile, Israel entered the weekend stretching her pimp hand: 100 F-16S and F-15S in the same airspace. But Iran isn’t exactly whimpering on the corner.
As the debate for Iran’s right to nukes expedites the Second Coming, one should take the time to revisit not so ancient history. For your viewing pleasure, or hopefully, discomfort, I present to you a short list of excellent ‘propaganda’ covering the U.S. case for blood under new millennium conservatives–and you don’t even have to leave your laptop!

Byte One: Gen. Powell Goes to the U.N., Dick & Bush, 2003*
(*Goes great with the 2006 read The Manifesto of Ascendancy…and just last week alJazeera chuckled at Condoleezza Rice’s Neo-Colonial Manifesto.)

Oh, John Ridley and Esquire.
With all due respect, Gen. Powell and Sec. Rice ought to be lauded for their respective stations in the Big White House under this Administration, but I must say the day the General left was much more venerable than the day he made the case for Iraq. And if I recollect right, Secretary Rice failed the domestic ‘hearts and minds’ bit miserably during the Gulf region’s levee explosion in 2005. Bottom line is: they know better. Brilliant as they are, John Ridley found himself hard pressed to find a sympathetic Negro for their cause, as Powell and Rice have been effective overseers messengers of the State as it spent the last eight years on American-as-apple-pie perf enhancements (a.k.a. The Patriot Act…a.k.a. before a couple of weeks ago, denial of habeas corpus to detainees…a.k.a. encouraging Israel’s trigger-happiness…).
Call me when the Blahniks break in the Lower Ninth Ward.
Oh wait.
It may already be gentrified.
Better yet, let Belafonte speak a word. Until then, this un/successful mediation of Biblical prophecy–at the behest of the big, bad State–will continue to earn its conduits nothing but scorn from the rest of us brownfolk.


Byte Two: Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore, 2004

After this one, Michael Moore darn near evaporated. He clearly did…said…something right. But then there was SiCKO. And Cuba. And the Department of the Treasury?

Byte Three: The Fog of War, Errol Morris, 2003
Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara

McNamara served as Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War. I would encourage you to give special attention to McNamara’s argument about each player in 1962 - the United States, the Soviet Union, and Cuba - being a ‘rational’ entity as getting nuclear danced about everyone’s options. Castro said no one feared death–it was just a matter of when it would come. And how.
If the ’60s were rational, we can reasonably expect our leadership to be rational, too, right? Kristol’s off base, isn’t he? We have to talk it out before we bomb it out, don’t we?


Well, look at the bright side: who can afford to discriminate against permanently tanned people or lgbtq people or poor people or disabled people or any people when everyone’s running for their lives? I knew we’d find equality sooner or later.

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