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Thursday, February 18, 2010

ACLU Calls on U.N. Human Rights Official to Stop Teen's Torture in Montana Prison

:::::ACLU Calls on U.N. Human Rights Official to Stop Teen's Torture in Montana Prison :::::

This situation is entirely, ENTIRELY out of hand. The link above is the full letter from the ACLU to the U.N.

A young man who has been tagged "Robert Doe" is going through HELL in solitary. Half of Robert's time in prison--since the age of 16--has been spent in isolation. According to the ACLU's letter, Robert has a documented history of childhood physical and mental abuse, has been diagnosed with more than one mental illness including PTSD, and yet has been repeatedly deprived of appropriate mental health treatment. INSTEAD, Robert has been Tasered, pepper sprayed, stripped and further animalized.

Robert has tried to commit suicide twice, and I ask you:


Here is American TORTURE at its finest!

Here are the politics of the prison industrial complex laid bare! I don't know what color this child is, and gottabehonest, I don't care. This is what's happening, folks.

Truth is more heinous than fiction. A baby. This is how America raises her babies.

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