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Friday, February 5, 2010

AlterNet calls it Flour Power: the Tea Party Movement

But it's deeper than resentment.

I've been tweeting dates in American history that'll likely only see the light of day in a month like the one we're in right now. (That is: Chris Matthews fave and mine, "Oh!-I-Just-Remembered-You-Were-Black! Month)

But without a doubt, current events are pointing to major, sweeping revolution--as in the not so 11/4/08-celebratory kind. As Black Codes and Jim Crow (are) were to Reconstruction, so I truly, seriously, honestly believe our present political and social situation are about to erupt in further mobilization of those who had heretofore been pushed to the fringes of the U.S. nation-state's extremism.


I just don't know.

The Tea Party doesn't seem to be particularly organized or well centered--but that's actually a greater cause for concern than it is for disregard, in my opinion. And to make matters even more interesting, Rev. O'Reilly and Brother Beck are cranking out revival shoutdowns across the country. (Sidebar: If Black churches and theatres get to be tagged the 'chitlin' circuit', O'Reilly & Beck's circus act would constitute a working of what circuit?)

I predict Strange Fruit to be the no. 1 best-seller on iTunes by tomorrow.
Happy New Year!

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